Avoiding the Distractions of Our Thoughts and Others with Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams - EP0018 - Episode Drop Date: May 27th, 2022

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[00:00:00] Intro/Outro: Welcome to the Survive Scale Soar podcast. Hear and learn through the success of others how to build the life and business you deserve. Learn to overcome failure and what it means to seek out to become the best possible version of yourself. And now here's your host, coach, entrepreneur, husband, and father, and author of the number one bestselling book, Survive Scale Soar, Jeremy Williams.

[00:00:32] Jeremy Williams: Have you ever wondered if you can do more? Do you feel like you have all the tools and training, yet just doesn't seem to come together for your real estate business? These thoughts are more common for real estate agents than it is ever talked about. I can help you learn what hiring a coach like me can do for a savvy real estate person like you.

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[00:01:19] I look forward to our conversation.

[00:01:30] Hey, it’s Jeremy. Welcome back to the show, your host for the Survive Scale Soar podcast and the owner of Red Hawk Coaching. Today I want to start with gratitude. I want to thank the audience for reaching out over this last week and giving me some great feedback on the last topic that I covered; the topic of clarity and the direction that I've shifted my podcast going from interviewing people weekly (I’m still going to have guests on occasion, yet not on a weekly basis.), and I'm going to spend more time in these short episodes, sharing the successes I've had, as well as the things that I haven't been so successful in doing. I'm going to share with you the things I've learned from mentors and coaches and past clients

[00:02:19] that helped me grow over the years by sharing their personal experiences both in business and in life. I'm looking forward to future episodes and our journey together. I want to again thank my audience today. I want to spend a little time on Survive Scale Soar, the Best-Selling book that I'd written on one of the 7 Success Strategies, to stop worrying about others.

[00:02:46] This one is really important. I had an episode early on, either episode three or four with Mike Fallat. He was the publisher for my book, Survive Scale Soar. He owns the company DreamStarters Publishing, and if you're writing a book, I highly recommend reaching out to him. We talked about the importance of not worrying about the haters.

[00:03:09] It was a great episode. I want to add some things to that conversation. First, we're worrying about what other people are thinking or potentially saying that just might not be real. Your brain is really powerful, and it can tell stories that if you listen to them enough, or if the stories assists in creating an internal and believable dialogue, we actually may begin to start to believe them.

[00:03:40] I had a friend in college, and I said to him, “you know, you haven't talked to me in the last few weeks, and I'm wondering what I did wrong? Did I say something or do something that you didn't approve of?” It was [00:04:00] agonizing and it had been eating at me for a week at this point. He looked at me and said, “Jeremy, I don't even know what you're talking about.”

[00:04:10] “He's like, man, let's go out and grab a burger and catch up. I was really busy this week between work and classes, and I had some things that were happening in my life.” He had a family member that was struggling with an illness. I felt so selfish to have thought that he was upset with me knowing now that he had been going through some really heavy life stuff.

[00:04:37] My brain was telling me that there was something going on. I was worrying about it and wondering what he was thinking about me, or wondering what action I might've done to offend him. The whole time it was just something that was concocted in my imagination. So to stop worrying about others  [00:05:00] also puts your mind in check.

[00:05:02] Realize that your brain can tell yourself a really big story and it's actually a lie. We must be careful with that. Sometimes we have to stop worrying about others when they do attack us. I see it on social media all the time. I saw an incident that took place yesterday between somebody who actually I knew, and I had a lot of respect for in a previous organization, with an organization putting together a training event.

[00:05:29] It came out of left field for me, but I could only put myself in the shoes of that person that was being attacked, and how much they were probably wondering what they did wrong, and how we could make it better next time. The fact is this event organizer did nothing wrong.

[00:05:52] There are going to be times when we have that verbal conversation or make [00:06:00] a post on social media, and somebody is going to come at us, and we just have to stop worrying about it. Mike Fallat and I called those individuals in one of my earlier episodes haters. And there are going to be haters out there? There are good people and there are bad people.

[00:06:13] Stop listening to all these gurus and all these people that are telling you that everybody is good. Everybody's good at some level, right? The truth is they're not. And you're going to have to deal with that in life, and you get to choose what side you're going to be on. You're going to have people coming at you sometimes, and you just have to not worry about it, put up your shield and keep moving forward.

[00:06:38] At the end of the day, they're not paying your bills. They're not taking care of your kids. They're not taking care of your family. You know, they're not putting a roof over your head. They're not providing you your food. It doesn't matter what they think or what they say. Now the caveat to that is what you do.

[00:06:56] You can't in any way, intentionally [00:07:00] harm someone. Now I said intentionally, and sometimes we do things, and I've done things, where unintentionally might've hurt somebody. I found out after the fact, and I was able to go put things back together, yet if you're out there intentionally doing things and intentionally creating harm, then that's not good.

[00:07:20] There's people out there that are going to do that, and you need to prepare yourself for it. There are bad people. I want you in your business and life this week…If you've ever watched a horse race, they put blinders and a shadow roll on the horse to prevent them from seeing to the left or to the right or the shadows that are cast on the ground so they can focus 100% on getting to the finish line. I want you to do the same in your business. For example, take your goal to close 48 homes this year, [00:08:00] reverse engineer it, figure out what are the activities you need to be doing today in order to achieve that goal, and that becomes your focus.

[00:08:10] Focus on those activities. You're going to have noise on the outside. Don't what don't worry about what other people are doing. They may or may not have business plans. They may or may not have successes. It just doesn't matter. Keep your head down, stay focused on your goal. Do your activities daily, be intentional and be consistent, and you're going to see great things happen in your business. Stop worrying about others. After this commercial break, I'm going to share with you another story. Stay tuned.

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[00:10:08] Welcome back. I want to share with you a quick story that has to do with stopping worrying about what others think. I go back to my sales career early on in real estate when I was 24 years old. I didn't know any better. I just did things. I took action, got results, and it turned out pretty well for me.

[00:10:31] I remember going through some initial training and it was like, okay, you need to do this and this. These were what I would consider older styles or older approaches to developing the business. I had started blogging, and I found that if I blogged the proper content, I had the proper structure of my content, great titles, create [00:11:00] information that I could then share in electronic newsletter format, driving people to different articles within my blog, instead of doing the traditional newsletter sent by mail, which at that time, I can't remember what postage was, but postage early on in my business would break me.

[00:11:18] I'm sending out hundreds and hundreds of cards and letters a month. I wanted to do something different. When I started talking with others and sharing with those that were mentoring that I was going to take this route, I was sharing with them what SEO could do, and people can not only find you on Google, and you could also drive people to your website where I hosted all the homes that were for sale in the area, they looked at me and said, “that's just never going to work”. I remember that clearly, and it wasn't just one person. It was several individuals and the trainer that I was working with at that time.

[00:11:58] They said, “you need to be doing [00:12:00] a monthly newsletter. You need to be going and knocking on doors and doing postcards for just listed and just sold homes”.I'm not knocking any of these approaches, yet I knew that with the introduction of technology within the industry and having a knowledge of technology coming up through high school and in my college years, I could take a different approach. In fact, I think back, and I was the first generation that had a computer, I remember we had the Apple IIgs early on.

[00:12:30] It was a big deal to have a computer in your home. One year my grandmother got each family an Apple IIgs and a dot matrix printer. So I've grown up with technology where a lot of these individuals had not. They would look at me and just say, Jeremy, that's not going to work.

[00:12:48] I don't see how that's a valuable use of your time. I started building my blog content and to use it for a digital newsletter that could be emailed. My newsletter was divided into different [00:13:00] sections like market information, local events, highlighted listings, etc. I would talk a little bit about the market, and then I’d have a link that would go out to a full blog post that talked about the market, and then I'd have travel tips like our trip to San Antonio for a particular holiday.

[00:13:17] I would share two or three sentences, a teaser, and then share a link to send them to a blog post. I would have three to four sections with each one having two or three sentences. At the end of each section, it would say to read more or learn more, read more, click on this link.

[00:13:38] The first one I sent out included traveling tips from a recent trip to San Antonio. I put this blog post together including all the different things we did like my favorite restaurants. I got a call about three days later, and it was somebody in Houston that was about 10 to 15 minutes from where I lived. He had actually been [00:14:00] in San Antonio interviewing for a job transfer, and he was looking up San Antonio restaurants on Google.

[00:14:06] Guess what came up? My blog post. He read about our trip, and I remember specifically it was about La Fogata in San Antonio; one of my favorite restaurants. And in each blog post, I talked about who I was, the contributor paragraph, what I did, and how I could help.

[00:14:30] He saw that I was also an Aggie, which he was an Aggie as well. We had the Aggie Network thing going. He saw that I lived in the area, and he was very appreciative of the information that I shared so he reached out and he said, “Jeremy, we'd love for you to come to list our home”.

[00:14:46] It was one of those, “come list me” calls. I didn't even have to sell myself. He just said, “You're a part of the Aggie network, and I really appreciate the information you've provided. I went to the restaurant, and had a great time. I’m looking [00:15:00] forward to getting to San Antonio. Can you help us do that?”

[00:15:02] We listed the home in a fairly competitive market, and within two weeks we had a cash offer. He was off to San Antonio. I got into action doing something different.. That was just one story. There's many stories of this throughout my sales career where people found and connected with me in that way. I stayed focused on creating the content..

[00:15:26] I didn't worry about what others were saying. You know, Jeremy, “It's not going to work. Jeremy, there's no value in that”. When I found that it worked and as people started seeing the results, guess what they started to do? They started to mimic and copy me. The problem was I was 10 years ahead of them in what I was doing.

[00:15:47] I want you to think about that when you're approaching your real estate business. You may have some people out there saying, you know what, that's not the way to do it. Hey, if you're getting results, and you're getting measurable [00:16:00] results. Don't worry about what others are saying.

[00:16:04] Do you. If it's working, build on it, get the results, and one day they're going to look back and say, “you did know what you're doing”. You'll be up on a panel sharing what you’ve done, and everybody will think that's magical. You will think, no, it's not, and it's simply something that I did. and I've stayed consistent with it. I wanted to share that story today because it resonates in my mind. I've told this story many times to individuals, especially those that are looking at blogging content as a lead generation method to develop their business.

[00:16:38] I'm not saying go out and start blogging. If you choose to blog, that's awesome. If I can help you and coach you on blogging,reach out to me. I'd love to have that conversation with you. Case in point, today stop worrying about what others are saying and doing, and focus on what you need to get [00:17:00] done, and great things are going to happen not just in your business, but also in your life.

[00:17:05] Have a great day.

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