Victor Not Victim Thinking - With Robert Peterson - EP0005 


Robert Peterson is the host of the Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs  Podcast and co-founder of Add Value 2 Life Coaching. Robert  helps entrepreneurs shift their mindset and reach their dreams. 

Robert started out in Christian Ministry as a church planter,  pastor, and mentor. He began his own entrepreneurial journey  after 20 years in ministry and aimed to help individuals use the  tools he’d gathered. 

Robert is trained in conflict coaching, relationship coaching,  speaking, training and coaching. He uses his vast tool box to coach  business owners as they struggle and aim to grow their businesses  to the next level. 

With over 20 years of coaching leaders, Robert offers a unique  perspective guiding professionals to get out of their own way as  he helps them see what is written on the instructions outside the box that they’re sitting in.

Robert Peterson

City, State, Country
Littleton, CO

Company Name & Position Title
Host, Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs Podcast
Co-Founder, Add Value 2 Life Coaching
Author, The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift

Book Title
The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift


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